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Safety on the Internet - Video Series

This 12 section online video series will teach you how to: Keep your security updates current Avoid viruses...

$148.00 USD

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e-Book - Safety on the Internet - To Click or NOT to Click?

This 27 page eBook (with illustrations) will help you stay safe on the internet. It will explain the different types ...

$7.95 USD

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Windows 10 Complete Video Learning Series

This is the "Missing" manual for Windows 10.  This series is broken down into 10 separate videos. Once you purch...

$67.00 USD

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Total Inbound Marketing Progam

This is a personalized Monthly Marketing Program for your business.  This will help bring customers to you. Mar...

$249.00 USD every month

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Doing Business on the Internet LIVE presentation replay

This is the full LIVE recorded presentation at the Clearlake City Hall on 10/11/2016.  This is broken down into ...


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FREE Windows 10 Video Learning Series

In this video series, I will walk you through some basic Windows 10 features. Starting with the menu and moving on in...


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Doing Business on the Internet, Part 1 and 2 - PDF

Complete PDF of the presentation on 10/11/2016.


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Free - Setting up the Windows 10 Mail app

Here is a short video on adding the Windows 10 Mail app to your Start Screen and setting up your email address within...


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What's Funny about the Windows Snipping Tool?

FREE 2 minute video taken from a LIVE Computer Workshop.


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