Windows 10 Complete Video Learning Series

This is the "Missing" manual for Windows 10.  This series is broken down into 10 separate videos. Once you purchase this, you can watch it as many times as you would like. The system will also keep track of where you are in the video series. You can log in anytime to continue watching.



What people are saying:

I am so glad that I purchased this set. I will be referring to this a lot. Charlene T.

Because of your class I will enjoy using Windows 10 more. – Peggy L.

I learned so much about Windows 10 that would have taken me a lot more time to discover on my own. Great tips to speed up my computer work! – Mary Beth I.

Window 10 Complete Online Video Learning Series - 10 Videos

In these videos, I will go over step-by-step the features and settings in Windows 10.  

It includes the Menu, Settings, Features, Devices & Printers, Security, File Backup, the new Edge browser, Display, Power, Storage, and Notification Settings, installing Apps and Programs, using the Mail app, and copying, moving and backing up your computer.



$67.00 USD